Pay It 4Ward Donate a 1lt Meal Tub to Hobart City Mission

Pay It 4Ward Donate a 1lt Meal Tub to Hobart City Mission

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Thank you for even clicking on this item.  It says a lot about you x

Summary: Buy ONE Pay It 4ward meal tub, and 4lunch will match it with a 2nd tub.  Those TWO tubs (total of 8 servings) will then be donated to Hobart City Mission.

Many of us are fortunate to have friends or family to help us during this very abnormal season.  And some of us have some spare cash to purchase from a site like this one.

But that's not everyone's story...

Our hearts are guided toward using our resources to ensure those in our city who are less fortunate are cared for, and this is our little way of achieving it.  Your purchase of this 1lt tub (or as many as you are able) will enable us to support folks in need.

Depending on our ongoing situation, we will endeavour to 'weaponize' your donated tub by matching it with another... so your purchase will effectively generate 2 tubs.


We're so pleased to be able to support the Hobart City Mission. We look forward with anticipation to reports that your donated meal has helped someone doing it tough.


Again, cheers for even clicking on this link.  You're one of the good ones x


 **update: a few generous sorts have placed orders for only Pay It 4ward meals (ie no Heat at Home meals were ordered to go to their own home, or Corporate Catering to their venue).  We applaud you for this!  Be assured that the meals will be delivered to Hobart City Mission, and not to your home/venue :)  The website will still want your address though.